Horoscope January 2018, Love Predictions: Major decisions need to be postponed

With four planets transiting the Sagittarius fire sign, january 2018 is a dynamic month. If we also take into account the fact that the exuberant Jupiter, who lives in Scorpio, joins him after the 9th fierce Mars, then we can say that january is overwhelming with impetuous, impetuous, hard-to-manage energies. To them, the triangle Jupiter-Neptune adds an idealistic dimension of exalted romance.

Under these configurations, enthusiasm, confidence and the impression that everything is possible are predominant. But also the lack of measure, the foolishness and the imprudence can manifest themselves equally well. That’s why, in order to live only positive influences and to keep ourselves from unpleasant ones, it is good to appreciate as accurately as possible the resources we have and to weigh the risk-benefit ratio before we take action.

Until 9 january 2018, the Mars-Uranus opposition is active, a high-risk configuration of serious accidents, technical failures, conflicts, aggressions, destructive tendencies, unexpected or radical gestures, upheavals, cataclysms.

It should be noted that Mercury is in the relegation cycle (it will be retrograde between 3 and 23 january in Sagittarius), so things are not always what they seem to be and do not always evolve according to estimates. They may be delayed, complicate, take it when before, when back.

As nothing goes wrong, Mercury has its own reasons when it causes such effects. What Mercury looks for is to force us to examine more closely a certain state of affairs, to scrutinize the underworld, to discover its hobbies, to find out what we need to make informed decisions.

Sometimes Mercury raises the past and brings up delicate topics that have not been clarified at their time, or meets with a person with whom we have some accounts to conclude. In addition, Mercury does not feel well in Sagittarius, his sign of exile.

The conclusion? Except for emergencies, it is preferable to leave the important decisions after january 23, 2018 when we will have a much clearer picture and all the data needed to make the best choice.

The delightful part, especially in the first two decades of the month, is given by the vicinity of the Sun with Venus, which adds an additional dose of goodwill and optimism and favors the relationship in all aspects, from the amorous or the friendly to the work , businesses or social activities.

The most important event in january 2018 is Saturn’s entry into Capricorn, where he will stay with a brief pause for three years. But we’ll talk about that in the coming months.