Chinese zodiac 2020 : the compatibility between the zodiac signs

Due to the fact that the lovers’ day approaches, I recommend some tricks to help you in the sentimental relationship. Find out what is the compatibility between two different or identical signs, what the house is forming and what the pair of partners bring, what new things our partner would like to receive from you, the reactions you can expect from him.

For those who want to enter into a relationship and want to find out which zodiacal sign (depending on the year of birth) is the ideal pair to be happy and how to improve the couple’s relationship, but also those who are in a stable relationship who want to force their luck to influence their destiny in a favorable way for stability and happiness in the couple, I invite you to read and take into account the advice of Chinese astrologers who, after many in-depth studies and analyzes, manage to get us bring useful and complete information to increase our love and strengthen our love relationships.

Do not forget to check before native you are if you are born between January 15 and February 20 according to the new Chinese year.

The right remedies to activate love and to help find the right partner for the twelve signs grouped by three are:
RAT, MONKEY, DRAGON: The golden cock set in the West of the bedroom
RABBIT, pig, SHEEP: The blue rat put in the North of the bedroom
SNAKE, ROOSTER, OX: Red horse set in the South of the bedroom
TIGER, HORSE, DOG: Green rabbit put in the East of the bedroom

These remedies are put up until the partner appears and then replaced with the appropriate remedies for the couple.

Combination of the animals represented by the year of birth – good relations:
/ Tiger-Boar / Rabbit-Caine / Dragon-Cococs / Sarpe-Maimuta / Cal-Oaie
The clash between the animals represented by the year of birth – bad relationships
Rat-Cal / ox-SHEEP / Tiger-Monkey / Rabbit-Rooster / Dragon-Dog / Snake-pig

The Rat Combination (road opener) – ox
(Supports) – Creativity and Intelligence Home
Tiger Combination (Brings Power) – Rabbit (brings diplomacy) – home of growth and development
Dragon combination (creates magic) – Snake (creates spirituality) – house of magic and spirituality
Horse Combination (male energy) – Sheep (female energy) – house of sexuality and passion
Monkey Combination (Makes Strategy) – Coconut (brings action) – Career and Commerce Home
The combination of Caine (works to ensure) – pig (enjoy results) – house of domesticity

How each zodiac behaves in love

Rat: romantic, attentive, affectionate, you can not resist them. Excellent pair with ox
, Monkey and Wild Boar, Unsuitable Couple with Rabbit, Horse, Sheep and Cocos
The buffalo: loyal, thoughtful, trustworthy, homeless. Excellent pair with Rabbit, Snake, Cock and pig, unsuitable pair with Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep
Tiger: honest, romantic, passion. Matching Pair with Rabbit, Horse, Dog and pig, Pair with Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Coco
Rabbit: passionate, loving, read the character of man. Pair matching: Sheep, Dog and Boar, Unsuitable Couple with Horse and Rooster
Dragon: pretentious, loyal, sincere, passion, excellent pair with Dragon, Snake and pig, unsuitable pair with Sheep and Caine
Snake: possessive, seductive, loving. Pair of Monkey and Rooster, unsuitable pair with Snake, Cal and pig
The horse: everything or nothing, is totally committed, faithful. Pair with sheep and Dog, wrong pair with Monkey and Rooster
The sheep: he falls in love quickly, too careful and panicky. Good pair with sheep and pig, pair with Rooster and Dog

Rooster: loyal, thoughtful, honest. Excellent pair with pig, unsuitable pair with ROOSTER and Dog
Dog: Appreciates the feelings of the other, loyal and docile. Excellent pair with the pigto and the Rabbit, a bad relationship with the Dragon
The wild boar: sensual, loyal and passionate. Excellent pair with pig, rat, ox. Poor relationship with Snake.


I hope that this information will help you find and preserve your love for it, is not it: what is more beautiful than being healthy, free, happy and loved? Find your love, human harmony and prosperity, balance and faith so that we can spread love and respect, humiliate positively and optimisticly all around us!